Monday, December 13, 2010


This relaxing and cuddling with dad does not happen often, so this was a lovely treat :) This is the first age where I've finally thought, "ok, you can stay this way for a little while".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tuckered out

I know, I'm such a mean mom I just sit there and record. Ha, but this is his typical nap time routine if I don't nurse him. For me at least, his babysitter says he goes down without a fuss, but I have yet to see it. And since this was taken a few weeks ago, he's pretty much crawling now. He can definitely get where ever he wants to go and he's getting pretty confident in himself. More to come on that soon!

Monday, December 6, 2010

baby blue

i'm supposed to be waiting so i can spread the posts out over more days, but i seriously love these pictures and can't wait one more day.

i love these faces.

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marshmellow head

Guess whose idea this was?
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This is what you might find dangling from the doors when dad is in charge :)
And I posted a few belated posts that didn't show up at the top, so check here and here if you really can't get enough of us.

my boys.

Look at this goofball. I love him.

And he loves his dad.

His dad took him swimming.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Visiting Great Grandma Barbara

After hanging out in Monterey for a few days and eating ourselves sick on samples of clam chowder on the pier and taffy from the candy shops, and of course filling my head with new and exciting library things, we headed up to Antioch to see Great Grandma Barbara and the Cadwalladers. The drive nearly killed us as Tucker decided to scream the ENTIRE way, Doug was trying to listen to the world series game on our stupid broken car radio not very successfully, and i was in the back crying because I couldn't handle the screaming anymore. Yes, one of the most fun 2.5 hour drives I've ever been on.

But totally worth it because it was so fun to see them. Grandma was so good with little Tucker and she was awesome at keeping him entertained. Of course she had a bucket of toys for him that she had picked up at garage sales and that was a great help. Basically we just hung around and relaxed and played together. Fun to see Aunt Barbara and Uncle John and Rachel of course. We ran around to different stores trying to find Tucker some Giants-wear, but to no avail. It makes me really sad not to live by any family when I think about how much fun it is to be with them. Thanks for putting us up and showing us a good time :)


I have a few posts to play catch up with, so here is the first...
Even though the long car rides on this trip with this kid who HATES HATES HATES his car seat were pretty nerve racking, the trip itself was a lot of fun with lots of beautiful things to see. We got to stop to see Julia and Bryan's place in LA, then in Santa Barbara to take a quick break, then in San Luis Obispo to see Brittnat and catch some dinner, and finally to Monterey. These were taken at Point Lobos and on a drive to big sur.

Tuckers first sailing trip! It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time on the bay. Dolphins swimming by us, lots of life out there. It was a nice way to end the trip.

San Diego + Al & Britta's Wedding

OK, so this is a bit late, but here it is nevertheless. And I am kind of keeping this as a journal, so I figured better to keep it all in here. Yes, we went to see the Prigmores for a day and it was soo fun. Jaime was just about ready to pop and it was so fun to see them. Doug and Choob got along just great and Doug even taught him the 'tongue sticking out towards the floor means you're dead' trick. hours of fun. I hope all is going better with Choobs actual new sister Lainey (YaY!) because when we were there he was not impressed with Tucker and said dismissively, "I'm done with him" after looking at him for a few seconds! Jaime definitely has her hands full :) Off to the aquarium for a bit after and everyone got eaten by a shark and Tucker totally covered doug in puke. it was awesome. and he even fell asleep in his car seat on the way. nothing special to most of of you, but to me, it was a small miracle.

"i have a little something in my tooth"

Then we met up with everyone at Mission Beach where Dave rented a house and it was chaos and fun to see everyone for big Al and Britta's wedding. We rode bikes and went for a run and the boys rented out the Wave House (standing wave) for Al's fantastic bachelor party and we all got to watch. and the funniest thing is that they all thought they would be totally awesome and they could barely stand. it was sooo fun. Erin did a long post on her blog, so if you want to see more pictures from this lovely occasion, check it out here.

Almost as fun as it was just to be together and hang out with Richie and Erin and the little baby in her tummy, which I am so excited for. They were great to have around and even better that they loved to help out with Tucker. So nice.

The anticipation... getting a little bit nervous.

So fun to see the cousins. I loved that I came back from somewhere and Tucker was gone from the bed and Kaity said she just wanted to hold him. I love that she loves him too :) Gio was doing some amazing work with legos while we were there and zeke was so cute with baby tucker. and lily kept trying to poke tucks eyes out while saying 'bebe'. it was really so fun.

And we didn't get any pictures at all of the wedding, but check out Kaity's post for some more. It was a beautiful wedding and they really did look amazing and oh so happy.