Friday, October 8, 2010

doug always says i put so many pictures of the same thing, and i know it's true, but really it takes much less time to just put them all up rather than sit there and analyze which one to choose. so unless he wants to be the family blogger, this is what you get.

dave and nancy just left (pictures to come in next post) and it was sooo fun to have them here as usual. got some house projects done, some beach time, some shopping, watched conference and some hanging around.

i just went back to work a few days ago and we found a babysitter to watch tucker until doug takes off in two weeks and it was really sad to leave him, but i feel good about it for now and can't wait for doug to be a stay at home dad for awhile.

but, i do get kinda sad when i come home and realized he's been practicing turning from his back to stomach all day and is pretty much a pro at it by the time i got home. so cool how quickly he gets the hang of things. have to make sure not to put him on the edge of the bed anymore, and maybe be a bit more careful about leaving him on the changing table. and it makes me really appreciate every minute i have to spend with him and i'm totally looking forward to weekends because i get to see him every minute. but it's nice to be back at work and being productive and getting things back in order over there.

anyway. i love these two boys. they are pretty cute if i do say so myself. i love laying on my side and tucker on his and talking and hanging out. i'm really starting to love being a mom. month three is WAY better than month one. and i'm so glad i made it becuase it's all seeming very worth it now. i bet you're glad to hear that mom. you were a bit worried there for a second weren't you.

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Monday, October 4, 2010


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so he's not really strong enough for this bumbo yet, and after a bit he ends up with his face on the side arm with some spit up there too, but he's not crying so i figure he's fine, right?

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