Wednesday, February 8, 2012

just some from my phone camera

Trying on the socks that Aunt Ellie left when she came to visit for Thanksgiving.

A few great pictures from our early November trip that we took to UT. Who doesn't love Cabellas?

Was waffling about going in. Luckily I know that he can't resist a dare.

Reading books with Grama LoLo

Sharing with my cousin. Oh, this makes me miss everyone so much.

Our trip to Monterey. While I worked the boys played.

Someone loves clam chowder, licked the cup clean.

I'll have to see what treasures doug has on his phone next...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

more from christmas

still going through all the pictures I got from everyone and there are a few things I want to put down so I remember. it was so cute to see lily and tuck together. to see how different they are. so different. lily is pretty mellow and loves dolls and playing house type things, pretend cleaning and taking care of people. tucker is so not like any of that. trucks, planes, running around. even how they eat is so different. lily takes dainty bites and tucker eats the whole spoonful. but the cutest thing was how lily would bring tuck his blanket and try to lay him down in and cover him up all comfy. she was very insistent at times. when they are not being opposite though, they are insisting on having the very same thing. it was really fun to have them together and by the end they were all good friends. how nice.

And even though we didn't get a lot of pictures of the two, zeke is so cute with tucker. loves to play with him and pick him up pull him in the wagon. and it's so cute how he says his name. tuck is so lucky for these three (now 4) and for cousin Luke! we haven't forgotten you either.

I love the scene in this picture. I love the girls sitting by the fire, Nana in the background with a towel over her shoulder cleaning up the kitchen for the 45th time because she's awesome, and small chaos running in circles with lots of laughter surrounding.

Monday, February 6, 2012

did you know

That my newest niece was born on February 4th? I'm pretty sure she still doesn't have a name but I can't wait to meet her. Congratulations Kaity and Danny! It only took her one hour at the hospital before this baby was out! Nice work kt.


We see this around the house a lot. Rows and sections of perfectly lined cars. It's pretty funny to turn around and find what he's been so quietly doing.

And sometimes on dad's back.