Friday, February 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in N.Y.

Started this post months ago but didn't finish it so it's been sitting in my drafts. I think I'll just put it up there unfinished. It was so much fun. I love my family. I am so lucky to have amazing parents, sisters, brother, in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles, nephew and niece and of course cutie pie husband and kids. Very lucky.

Of course one of the first things Doug does is find out how the surf is going to be and gets in the water. Luckily for everyone he had lots of fun out there.

And we were sure glad to finally be in NY. Amazingly the flights weren't totally terrible, but we were glad to be home.

Everyone was home and all together. It was so fun.
Uncle Derek is a great sport and I can't believe that he'll push those trucks around with Tucker for so long.

I'm pretty sure they're both having fun...

There was delicious food and we ate way too much. Alli and mom had a lot ready before we even got there. Food wise, but also the house. It was amazing how bad it was and how they turned it around into something so comfortable. Thanks Mom and Alli and Dad.

One big happy family all squished around one table.

We had beautiful weather most of the time there. It was nice to be out and running around in the afternoon.

Love it.

Not sure what's happening here.

Tuck was loving hiding his cars in Grama Gerry's sleeve. She was being so great with him. Lucky duck to have such an awesome great grama.

Miss Colbie being a cutie pie.

Aunt Cassie and Baby Davey being cute.

Cuties snuggling in their snuggly pjs.

Davey thinking about taking a huge bite out of Colbie.


And Cora came over. She is so cute and only a few days older than Davey. This next sequence is pretty funny. This is how he always arches his back.

Luke looks so old in this one to me.

Such good big brothers.


Some hanging around the table.

And Jessie was home with all her kids! Yay, haven't seen them is too long and it was so fun to have all the kids together and to hang out. I love you Jess!

Need to live by you, this girl looks just about ready to babysit.

Josh but Colbie right to sleep. Nice work!

So cute, Colt and Tucker, Colt showing Tuck how to play this game. Tuck was trying to touch it but Colt kept nicely pushing him off and then finally just pulled him in to show him how.

Good times in the tub.

Elli's face cracks me up. She really is a rascal!

Look at this perfect little face.

Good times watching the kids.

Black Friday sale. Dad got a big TV and surround sound and had these guys hook it up. He's liking having a few more guys around I think.

In our lovely matching pjs :)

Really need her to live closer to us...

Look at those chubby legs.

The sidewalk down to Unqua is completely covered in junk. And the docks are a mess. West Gilgo definitely looks a little beat up.

Out for some holiday shooting.

It was pretty freezing out there. Oh, and I should say for the record that I took one shot and hit one skeet. Oh yeah.

And when they weren't fighting with each other over everything, they were being pretty cute.

A lot of good food while we were there. Yummy ribs.

Lukey loves copper.

Colbie and Davey both were blessed in Dad's ward while we were there. It was pretty cool.

We didn't have a white outfit but he looked pretty handsome himself.

It was fun to go to church with everyone again. Not like we all got to sit down and relax much anyway. The Psillos' came for the blessings too. We were quite the circus in my Dad's tiny branch.

Love this one. Love all these people. We are very blessed to them in our lives.

And Part 2 will be coming shortly. Don't be a hater of my long posts!!! Too many fun pics with the fam.