Friday, November 2, 2012

happy halloween!

This year was pretty fun but Tuck was kind of sick and not as into it as last year. We only made it half a block before he wanted in the stroller. But it was fun nonetheless. We dressed up with a Jurassic Park theme and I made the boys dinosaur costumes the day before and Doug got us khaki shirts and we were pretty much all set. Doug did an awesome job carving pumpkins with Tuck a few days ago too, he's such an awesome dad.... so awesome he should be teaching awesome lessons! Our first trunk or treat was also real fun, we love Hauula 3rd ward! Tucker started throwing fits for "CANDY!" but alas, it's all hidden away for us to eat and his free for all candy time is over starting tomorrow.

 Of course Tuckers cars had to be in on it.
 cutest little pumpkin head.

 only picture i got at trunk or treat!
 cute brothers.

 teething. yessireee. he is one big nonstop slobberfest.

 he was sure ready for bed. he slept from 8 to 5am. absolutely wonderful.