Sunday, October 17, 2010

we love grandad and nana :)

We had a great time watching general conference with them at home. Hanging around in between sessions. Well Sunday morning this is what we did in between sessions... Saturday morning we were busy getting the golf cart, aka electric car, out of the sand, without it falling off the sand cliff. With the help of some very kind ward members and unsuspecting people on the beach and a very sincere prayer it all worked out just fine. Never a dull moment with Dave around.

We had Nat and her friends over for dinner one night, and I just noticed we forgot to get any pictures of them. But it was fun to meet them and have them over. Seems like Natalie is having a grand ol' time.

Grandad resting after he tore apart the downstairs and organized it all.

He's getting the hang of sucking his thumb. Maybe a bad habit, but really it is so cute.

And in the last few weeks he's really been getting good at using his hands and playing with toys. He is getting pretty vocal as well, i love all the little noises he makes and how he will talk back sometimes. or just randomly yell out.

I love this one: Nana doing crazy eyes with Tucker.

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Tucker loves his little perch on grandad's side.

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Auntie Linda who is Tuckers surrogate grandma while his are far away. She is amazing and we are so lucky to have her!

Saying goodbye. So sad. So fun to have them to ourselves for a week!!

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feels like this should be the first day of school or something :)

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