Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I sure did miss that face. He seemed so much more like a big kid when I got home after hanging out with all his younger cousins. Of course everyone was terribly sick while I was gone, baby and dad and babysitters and friends. The worst 24 hours flu was going around. Perfect timing. But everyone was alive when I got home, even though Tucker did choose to go to Doug over me at first. Dagger to my heart, but also nice at the same time. Seems like the boys had some good bonding time. Thanks to Nat and Holli-Aynn for helping out so much while I was gone!!

The wedding was really beautiful. The sealing was wonderful, the reception was absolutely wonderful, as was the cake, the bride & groom, and of course the bridesmaids with their awesome dresses made by Julia. I got to see lots of friends I haven't seen in a long time and it was so nice to be able to enjoy it all. Most especially fun was hanging out with all the family that came. Got to do a little shopping with a thousand stores close by and no baby to stop me. With dad and Katie there of course there were multiple stops to Cafe Rio, or Taco Rio as Aunt Kathy says, or just Cafe as dad started calling it. Ha.

I'm really so glad I got to go.

not bad looking after spending the night puking and running to the bathroom :)

My favorite shot of the night I think.

Some cherished friends from Plainview NY ward were there!


Isn't that cake awesome?

Thanks Alli for marrying someone awesome like Derek and getting us all together. And double thanks to Cass and Chris for letting us all crash their house again as usual. Love you guys.