Friday, April 27, 2012


This is what I feel like doing lately. I have just been so tired. It also seems like the baby in there has come alive lately too. I thought/was hoping I was going to have real lazy one in there that didn't like to move. I might be wrong.

And this is what you will do if you are ever outside our house with Tucker. Watch him push things with wheels around and make sure he doesn't go into the street. I really can't wait to have a fence. He is pretty much obsessed with pushing things.

And this was before we put him down. When you try to go inside after he's gotten a taste of pushing things around, he is definitely not interested in going inside.

It looks a little bit more like this, but not nearly as calm.

And some of you might have noticed that Doug cut his hair! I only have pictures of the process and nothing of after, so stay tuned for his handsome face that you can actually see on here soon.

Really sad to see that ponytail go. Not. Well, he was. I think he even might have it saved somewhere...

Oh, and we, as in he, with Nat's help, have been putting in a lawn up at the house. It is starting to look like something finally.