Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Enos

Happy Birthday Enos. We all love you very much. Thanks for being so awesome.
Almost as awesome as Tucker looks in this picture.

church clothes

little mr. aloha looks pretty good on sundays around here.
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uncle richie and aunt erin came to visit

I love when Erin posts too because she usually does it first and complete. So, check out the story here on her blog :). It was sooo fun to have them here. Beach time, family time, good eating time, seeing Earl. What more could you ask for? And it was super fun to see them with Tucker. They are going to be awesome parents. Can't wait to see that wee one inside her. We love you guys!

OK, it feels like we've come a long way from having Rich in Hawaii back then! Well, the both of us I suppose. He's such a grown up now and he is doing it well. I can't wait for him to be a dad because I think he is really going to be absolutely amazing.

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alligators for lunch

I love living on alligator pond especially now that we have this little keiki who loves to crawl in the sand like a maniac, take a break for handful, check out the green moss, and have fun in the water. He's getting to be more fun every day. I really wish we had a video of this. We'll have to get one soon. He is seriously so funny when he speed crawls in the sand. Still sporting his 0-3month trunks. I've got to find the bigger ones! And yeah, don't hate us because we get to spend lunch this way. It really is beautiful where we live. We are very lucky.

This one below is a classic. I love his face. He is totally having fun going for it.
Tasty sandy rock treat.
He's such a good sitter. I think he's so cute when he sits and plays.

Playing with Dad in the sand. Two peas in a pod lately.

He is not quite a fan of the boogie board yet...

Oh yes, he likes the water.

Hope you had a fun lunch break too :)

nice face

I think because we take about 50 pictures of every situation that we are bound to get a few really good ones like this :)

Now, I was thinking the other day that we are pretty lucky about Tucker not peeing all over the place while we are changing his diaper. He had done pretty good for a few months it seemed.

Well, the day we took the Christmas PJs pictures you might notice there is no sheets on the bed. Reason being that Tucker was climbing around the bed for about 1 minute until we got the diaper on, and yup, huge puddle right on the clean sheets.

Then a few hours later during nap time when I go in to get him, his onsie is all wet near his tummy, his sheet are soaking but there is not one wet drop on his tightly fastened diaper. What the?! He is a magician.

And on a different funny note, two weeks ago we were over at Pam's house hanging out after dinner and Adam had Tucker playing on his stomach for like 3 seconds, and you guessed it... puke all over his chest and face. Haha. Adam was a good sport about it and gave us all a pretty good laugh :)

Christmas PJs

Thank you Nana Nancy for our awesome Merry Christmas pjs. We love them!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6+ months

Here is a list of thing that Tucker loved to do during his first 6 months on this earth. He just turned 7 months on Tuesday. Can you believe it?! We survived the rough patch in the beginning. I honestly didn't know if I was going to make it. But now, I can't believe he's already 7 months! Yay.

As of now, the first few days of being 7 months, Tucker:

--Loves to play "where's Tucker". This consists of me putting his favorite, snuggly, blanket over his body and saying where's tucker until he flings the blanket off his face. Ha! Sometimes he waits for awhile to build the anticipation. I love it. And if he's fussy, this is a great way to get a smile.
--Has one sharp little bottom tooth sticking out, finally, and I'm pretty sure at least one more not too far behind.
--Loves pizza crust from Impossibles Pizza truck on NS. Dad's favorite pizza.
--Crawls like a maniac. When he changes surfaces, he lifts his knees and only lets his feet touch. It's pretty cute.
--Stands up on everything too. His favorite places are in his crib, and on our coffee table.
--He'll crawl over to me, sometimes crying, while in the kitchen and pull up on my leg and beg to be picked up.
--Loves applesauce and didn't mind the squash. Hated the oatmeal. Haven't tried rice cereal again after that last catastrophe.
--Loves to make lots of squawks and squeaks. I love how he is working on controlling his tongue and mouth to make sounds.
--He gets super excited when dad or mom come home :)
--Plays in his crib when he wakes up sometimes. And plays in his crib without too much fuss in the mornings while I get ready too. Sometimes that is.
--He's really trying to get to this sponge bob pinata left over from Enos' birthday last night. He loves it. It's his new friend.
--Still waking up at least once a night, but he goes right back to bed, so it's not so bad. When can I just make him cry it out and stay in there all night?
--Usually takes 2 naps a day. For about 2-3 hours total.
--Gets real distracted while eating and pulls off to smile and look around. Especially when his pesky, distracting, dad's around.
--Still is pretty good at spitting up a lot. Still grossing us out.
--He gets gets really mad when he sees you eating and you don't share.
--Can drink pretty good out of a cup when you help him.
--Will actually use his blanket to snuggle up to in the car sometimes and not scream bloody murder the whole time. This might be one of the best things about being 6 months! I'm not petrified to get in the car with him. And not tense the whole time we're driving just waiting for him to start screaming :)
--He can sit up fine by himself now
--He'll take a bath again, after being traumatized when i put him in too hot water last month :(, and likes to sit up and play with toys now.
--He loves crawling on Randy's lawn.
--He loves crawling in the sand, especially dry. But what he loves even more is eating big handfuls of sand. He totally had sandy poop quite a lot lately!
--He is doing great in the water. He loves being swooshed around in it.
--And he doesn't hate the stroller anymore either. We went for a long walk on the north shore trail on Sunday and we didn't hear a peep from him. Just from lots of passer-by's that thought he was o-so-cute. (And we saw Steve Swasey at pipe!)
--He loves to smile and is very ticklish.
--He's super strong and has really good tummy muscles that are so cute!

That's all I can think of right now, but really, we are having so much fun together for the most part. We feel very blessed and grateful for this little monster in our lives.