Friday, September 24, 2010

thanks for the hat and good times auntie holli :)
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morning light

doug must have ditched us one morning for the sunrise and i can see why he did.

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evening swim

it's nice to go out during the evening when doug gets home. doug always asks if tucker wants to go swimming. i'm not sure he does yet, but it's pretty funny/cute because dougs worst nightmate is that his boy won't like the water. he likes the bath and the warm pool at turtle bay, it might just take a few more months to like the rough ocean. i'm not worried though. and he always sneezes when we go out in the sun. it's pretty funny.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

real tears

first comes the quivering lip, then really loud screaming, then the big tears. it used to completely break my heart to see them but now it's kind of cute/funny for a minute. just long enough to get a few pictures. sorry kid. i'm pretty sure there was nothing really the matter with you though although you are quite convincing it might have been otherwise.

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i love basketball

i guess i don't love basketball as much as i love the byuh standards policy that made doug shave his furry face if he wanted to play. and boy does he love to play basketball. we were going to have to start braiding this thing soon.

it was starting to get pointy. i can see why he was so proud of it. people kept commenting on the many colors. it is pretty impressive. like some guy said, he didn't even have to dye his beard to get it light in the middle. cool.

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3 months

I like 3 months I think. He started sucking his thumb so he'll take longer naps now, and relax himself a bit. And he'll hang out and relax with us before bed while we watch TV. Or maybe he just really likes football already. Maybe not the best habit, but it's pretty nice to see him entertained for a few minutes at least.

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Sunday morning walk

It was nice and cool, perfect for a morning walk. And I wanted to try out the ergo baby carrier again, maybe he'd like it this time. Nope, just end up wearing that and carrying him after like 5 minutes. I have hope though. We'll try again next week. I guess he likes falling asleep on Dads shoulder better anyway. He's a real cute little buddy.

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and this is why we have about 100 burp rags at our house and one or two or three with us at all times. this was a good one. no chunks :)