Saturday, January 21, 2012

like a good neighbor

State Farm is there.
Doug got this tattoo for Tucker from the Pipe contest when they went. This could be their next ad don't you think?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Who needs a playground when you have a dad like this?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love Tucker

And he loves me too I think. I love the way he goes ooooohhhhh and his eyes get huge whenever he sees a passing truck, motorcycle, bus, or anything with wheels pretty much. I love when he says 'weeerweeeerweeer' when a siren passes by and how he loves to climb up on the couch to watch the flashing lights pass by. I love how he smiles if you show him the tag of his favorite blankie and he'll grab it from you or dive onto it. I love how he starts dancing in his bike seat when a car drives by with it's radio on loud. I love/hate how he is such a pack rat. He needs at least 3 blankies when he gets out of bed, and now usually his bear or duck. And he'll keep pointing back saying 'that one' until you get them all. And how he tries to carry all his trucks around at once, and fills up his little arms and chin with as many as he can handle. I love how he lines up his cars so straight and them pushed them into something and makes a cute crashing noise. I love how he says planes, 'pwane'. I love how he is getting better at snuggling and relaxing and can sometimes sleep with us. I love how he is so good at folding his arms when you say it's prayer time. I love how he goes to bed without crying now and loves to snuggle in with his stuffed animals. I love how he wakes up and says 'Dada' as soon as you go get him. I love how he runs around on the lawn back and forth like a crazy person and then just dives to the ground, and how he tries to do a headstand and lifts is right leg up. I love how he is so brave and loves to jump off the rock in the back yard and just dives into the water and always comes up with a huge smile. And how he can pick up and throw rocks for at least an hour each day and never get tired of it, and how he can pick up some really big ones sometimes and never seems to drop them on his toes. I love how he carries the body board behind lately by the leash, carries it all the way home like a big boy. I love how he says 'home' when we are turning into our driveway or if he's ready to go home from the beach. I love how his 2 front teeth are too close together and a little crooked and how he recently learned how to smile for the camera and says 'keeys' (cheese) anytime he sees a camera and how he kind of looks like a gremlin. I love how he's smart enough to understand me now and do a lot of the things I ask him, he amazes me at what he understands sometimes. I love how he growls at his bear or when he sees any animal slightly resembling one. I love how he will take my finger and lead me to show me what he wants, or where he wants to go. I love how he says uh-oh if he can't get to his truck, or for any other reason that might warrant an uh-oh. I love how he takes that syringe of nasty vitamins without complaining. I love how he cuddles and snuggles when he gets out of the water and is freezing and lays his head on my shoulder while I cover him and warm him up. I love how his hair is kind of crazy. I love how sweet he is when he snuggles with dad at night and give him a kiss, and how sweetly he kisses owies. I love how he dances around when we sing our songs during family home evening. Pretty much, I love him. Just didn't want to forget these little things.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


his new smile. love it.

Thurgoods come back.

Dear Sam,
Thanks for teaching Tucker how to blow his nose. It's one of those life skills he got from you. And he does it really well.

And thanks for playing with Tuck every day even though he's pretty cantankerous sometimes. He gets it from his dad :)

And for making sure there were lots of kisses in his life. I'm pretty sure he really loves you.

And Chad,
Thanks for coming over and hanging out with Tucker too. And thanks for the awesome shirt :)

We are really lucky you guys were here even for a short time. I'm glad you were ours. We are so blessed you wanted to hang out with the little rascal.

Thanks for babysitting him overnight. You guys were lifesavers. Thanks for being so awesome and looking like a cute little family. Glad he was your first true baby love.

You guys are the best. Hope you're having fun in UT. Aloha.