Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 2013

Davey is a shoe thief. He loves shoes. All of them. And if you are in a hurry to leave the house, be sure that you will not be able to find at least one of your slippers. He is getting pretty good at it but he thinks it's a game. Wants to take his shoes off after just a little bit.

Look at that cutie. He is really Doug's little buddy. He just loves him. 

Learned how to fold his arms for prayer a few weeks ago. So reverent. As soon as he hears the word prayer or fold arms he immediately does it and stands still. 

We went to our friends house for Halloween movie night outside, watched Monsters Univesity, pretty funny. And they all happened to be in those pjs. First year we are on top of the holiday pj game. 

Taking a quick parting ride on the golf cart with Grandad. We have more pictures to come of their visit but this is all I had on my phone for now. So fun to have them here.

Baby girls baby shower. I didn't get the memo to wear pink and i look like dopey and huge, but it was a really fun night. we had delicious dinner, made headbands and just relaxed and opened presents. 

Great time with everyone. 

Hanging out watching Ellie and friends surf. And Dad. He kept saying, Dad is really good, he is the best. Tuck practicing his tree climbing skills while Grandad takes a nap in the shade and still manages to get totally burnt!

They went on a hike to Sacred Falls and Tucker was a trooper and went too. He insisted on being the leader for most of the way back apparently and was a champ. Until the last half hour or so when he cried the whole time cause he wanted his blankie. They didn't get home til dark so I would consider that a success. The first thing that Tucker says when he walks in is "I cried on the way back because I wanted my blankie."

This is what they do when Grandad is in charge at Waimea. 

Hanging out at the temple (don't let this picture fool you, they were not being reverent at all, running around like crazies the whole time). These are our neighbors. Tucker loves to play with William. 

We came home early after a ridiculously terrible sacrament meeting at church with both kids whining and not behaving and both doug and i exhausted from it. I took a sick and exhausted davey home for a nap and a misbehaved tucker home and was told to punish him and not be nice while doug stayed and taught primary. so he screamed in his room for an hour, not napping, then he finally calmed down and came out and we watched a conference talk, colored new testament pictures, learned about and practiced being reverent (like demonstrated above, ha) and then looked at all the pictures in the book of mormon. He is pretty good. He remembered that Moroni buried the plates and Joseph Smith found them. And that Jesus is nice. It ended up being a good afternoon but really, sometimes it's crazy.

Tuckers favorite breakfast lately is pancakes. Dad is the best pancake maker according to Tucker. 

Alligator pond was perfect on Monday morning. A bunch of our friends ended up there and I had the morning off and Doug was out surfing Kakele's and we were having a great time in the beautiful sun and water and Tosh and Tuck are awesome in their goggles and boards. 

He is the opposite of Tucker. He is always dirty. Tucker is usually clean. And he is always eating. 

Right now they are playing hide and seek together and being real cute. It feels like Davey is such a baby still that I can't believe baby girl will knock him out of his place in 2 weeks or less. But I'm excited. I love these kids a real lot. When I don't want to strangle them I want to eat them up.