Tuesday, September 6, 2011

do you feel overwhelmed too?

On the list to do today and tomorrow.

-Work all, and it's busy at work.
-Hang out with Tucker and Doug and have some fun
-Decide to leave directly from work to go to Costco and finally have some food and then pick Holli-Aynn or go to Enrichment and try to find a babysitter for Tuck and have no food for a while longer
-Figure out collecting rent and other issues that come with managing 3 houses
-Get everything figured out for those moving in and move some furniture over there
-Call, set up appointments and interview nannies/mother's helpers for Tucker
-Get all the bills paid
-Fix this stupid blog that keeps saying it's been hacked and is dangerous.

And those are just the big and bigger things. Never mind the daily important stuff like making meals, exercising, scriptures, cleaning, etc.

I need another week.

Any bets if I'm really superwoman and can in some miraculous way get most of this stuff done?