Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gio & Tuck

At Emily's wedding Tuck was loving having an older cousin to hang out with. Gio might be his favorite word. He still says it plenty times a day. He especially says it when he sees anything plaid, since Gio wears plaid a lot. It's funny how he'll always point out peoples clothes. Pointing to Doug shirt or pants while I'm folding laundry: "dada's". He does it for my clothes too. Anyway, he called Zeke and Lily by Gio's name the whole vacation. Just today he finally said Zeke as we were looking at a picture. Nice. But Gio is an awesome oldest cousin. Tuck is so lucky.

Gio looking as handsome as ever. When did he get so grown up?!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Grandad's "Pane" & San Fran with the Rathgebers

After going back and forth all night about deciding if we should make the trek down to SF the next day, I'm so glad we decided to head down and meet my family. Luckily my awesome father-in-law volunteered to fly us down there and we were able to cut our trip by a bunch and we got to fly in a cool plane. Tuck wasn't so sure at first about the headphones but figured out quickly that when he took them off it was super noisy so he finally settled in. He loved seeing all the "panes" and did really well.

Thank heaven for this blanket. Really.

We had a gorgeous day and hung out at Golden Gate Park and wandered around. Didn't get too far with the kids, but it was a lot of fun just to be together.

And a close up because everyone looks so happy :)

 Definitely got sidetracked by the ducks for a while. Tuck and Luke with G&G. Love.

And thanks for taking pictures Jules & Cass. These I stole from you but I want them on here to remember this fun day.

Then we headed to the Pier and walked around and had dinner. Went back to Aunt Barbara's to hang out a bit and finally flew home. It was a great day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emily & Garrett got married!

Emily and Garrett got married this Christmas break and it was a beautiful wedding. I really think these DeMartini sisters should start up a wedding company, especially Julia. Isn't Emily's wedding dress gorgeous. And what about those bridesmaids? All designed and made by Jules (with help from April on a few of the brides). Cool.

High five for Uncle John

Cousin Gio taking care of Tuck that day.

Beautiful Lily. Zekey was there too of course and he kept his shirt on only as long as was necessary.

I am so happy that we started our family in this very same temple. I feel very blessed. I'm glad Emily married Garrett. He seems like a perfect addition.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daddy & Child

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Need I say more?

Well, maybe...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

lunar eclipse

someone was up at 4am taking awesome photos of the moon and it sure wasn't me. pretty cool. this was sometime in the beginning of december.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas at the mall

We kind of love going to the mall in Kaneohe. It was really fun to go during Christmas and extra fun that Richie was there with us. Tucker's first Santa picture. Clearly we were to cheap to buy so we have to crop our own photo :)

First train ride and first time giving the ticket to the conductor.

He looks so grown up!