Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Year Old

I am the mother of this one year old. Can you believe it? He is pretty funny and cute if you ask me. Warning all those who aren't family, this is going to be a long post!

1st Birthday and 1st birthday presents!!
Baby pool extravaganza at the beach park behind our house. Plenty of kids and pools and hotdogs and animal crackers and no one even seemed to mind the rain. And more then plenty of presents. He is so lucky to have so many friends and such a thoughtful family. Thanks everyone!

Come on guys, we're going to be late to my party.

Thanks for my awesome swimming outfit picked out by Gio and Zeke!

Male bonding time.

Just one example of some of the cuties at the party.

This is Becca. She is our friend and Tucker's amazing babysitter. She is awesome.

Working on his second hotdog here. Pretty sure that's why he was not interested at all in his birthday cake.

Friend from Doug's work came up and brought this little cute friend for Tucker. Just the right size.

Ha. I love this picture because I know these cute little kiddies were probably wanting this piece with the sprinkles or something or other and Doug might not have been most accommodating as he mentioned later.

If this isn't the cleanest first birthday boy eating his cake I've ever seen. Not sure he's really my son.

Watch out Tucker. This little guy was trying (very successfully) to cuddle his way into your Dad's heart. He loved Doug.

Take that.

And the week before his birthday he must have fallen and bruise/cut his head about 5 times. I was just thinking before that how he hardly ever gets hurt. Yup.

After his birthday bash, and then a nap, we headed to Turtle Bay to hang out with the Neville family. Tucker sure loved Dave's nieces. Took him a minute to warm up, but only a minute. Then we headed over to the hot tub to end the night. So fun.

Little Buddy, you turned out so much better than I was imagining and it's hard to remember how much of a pain you were a year ago.

So so happy to welcome his first birthday!

And that he's ours.