Friday, September 28, 2012

chinny chin chin

Yay! Enos is here tonight. Tucker is stoked because he absolutely loves Enos and he gets to stay up until 10 watching crocodile documentaries. What's the special occasion you might ask?

Apparently Doug got elbowed playing basketball and passed out, with eyes and legs convulsing. He woke up in a pool of blood and a huge gash on his chin. And then he rode his bike home. So Enos comes over as we start to get the kids to bed so we can run to the emergency room to get stitched up.

Or so that's what I thought we were doing until Doug starts talking madness about stitching it himself. I am totally against this by the way. Then enos starts in and gets this video from youtube going, because you can't just stitch unless you look it up and learn how to on youtube 5 minutes before, right? No, not joking. This is what they used to refresh their skills.

Apparently one of our friends stitched himself up a few times so we call him over to help. Luckily Doug has all the stitching supplies on hand because he's been dreaming of stitching himself up one of these days, true story.

With surgical gloves on they get to business and for some reason the knot won't stick. That first video has let them down. So we move on to this one, second times a charm. Go youtube. 6 stitches later it's looking a lot better. I'm still feeling pretty woozy and but glad it's over.  Doug is doing way better than me and I'm just watching. Enos got the whole thing on video so that will be available for your viewing pleasure soon.

 Looks like they turned out pretty good actually.