Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the machine

Doug can function on high gear, all day, on very little fuel. It is amazing to me. He seriously is like a machine. We worked all morning doing yard work and then he worked all afternoon doing more work, all the heavy, jackhammer, concrete & rock moving stuff. And then he went to play basketball for 2 hours. And not just a light game. Pretty much 2 hours of straight running/sprinting. All this on just a bowl of cereal and a cheeseburger (a mouth wateringly delicious burger on our new grill i might add) and fruit for lunch. I get cranky and totally feel it after about 3 hours max of not eating... he can go all day pretty much with no thought of food. How is that possible? I think it must be because he really is part machine.



and from the yard... 


I can't get this to go the right direction. It's being a pain. But here you have it. Doug and I have successfully completed our childbirth class. It was actually pretty good and except for the long breast feeding part, and the one class I said he could miss, Doug did excellent :) He was the best baby swaddler in the class. Only 32 more days!!!!