Thursday, April 8, 2010

warning: butt alert

doug comes home with all sorts of markings and bruises from surfing and playing basketball.  this was one of the recent ones. surfing i believe. this was a few days ago and right now it's towards the end of all the pretty rainbow colors.

[ my little Sister Rathgeber ]

Just got this email from her today and I really love her emails. They are so strong and it's just fun to hear it all coming from her. She has been out about 3 months and is serving her mission in Salt Lake City, Temple Square. Isn't she just so cute :) Hope she doesn't get mad at me for sharing... 

Hey Everyone
So much to tell you!  I miss you guys.  But I'll start with the best/coolest news of all.  I met the prophet.  Not only did I meet him.. We all gave him a hug! and then he took a picture with us!! I'm going to attach it, but it came out blurry.. But it was such an amazing day!.  it was a training for all general authorites....  I met and talked with elder Perry, and saw Uchtdorf, Eyering, Packer, Oaks, Andersen, Christofferson, too many seventy's to really know there names but it was such a great experience.  Elder Olsen said that right before the lunch that we were catering Elder Eyering had just given the most powerful testimony he had ever heard.  So they were filled with the spirit.  And when we met President Monson it was interesting.  sister Stussi and I were talking about how It didnt feel that different meeting and talking to him, like we had known him.  But the next day we were walking in the south visitors center and we realized its because we talk about him and see huge pictures of him every single day. I guess thats a very good thing.  My testimony of a living prophet has never been strengthened so much I was reading in D&C and New Testament the other night and it was just jumping out at me how much a prophet today means.  And how at judgement day, these are the men that will be standing next to Christ.  So many thoughts were flowing in my mind and I was overwhelmed.
Funny tidbit, I went to go take Elder oaks' Dessert and I didnt know it was him.. And it was practically finished and everyone was pretty much gone. As I was asking him to if it was ok to take it away.  He jolted back and was like wait NO! ha. sternly. I'm still eating it. I was so scared and then realized it was elder Oaks and I could see the other elders at the table chuckling.  I started laughing, startled.  But he was nice about it.  Especially when he realized that I realized it was Him when I saw his face. [Can't you totally see Julie doing this and her startled face followed by laughter :)]
We got to see the morning session of Saturdays General Conference meeting. What an xperience! that was the first for me.  So cool to see so many people listen to a prophet of the Lord speak. I walked out of the session and it was so overwhelming.  We just were supposed to contact whoever the spirit led us to out of the 21,000+ people! ha  Just looking at the mass crouds for a second overwhelmed me.  But only for a second and then I realized the spirit would direct our feet and thoughts and words.  And it really did.  In those 2 days we had 4,780 member referrals!  Can you believe that. in 2 days. they said that it doubled the #'s from last years practically.  I tell you. In the MTC they showed us the statistics of how many less missionaries are going out, yet the baptisimal rate is increasing.  I can see it.  People are prepared and as missionaries are led by the spirit.  We are led to those who are prepared to hear a message.  Or to help missionaries around the world find those who are prepared.
I could really feel my every step being directed this weekend.  (As well as yesterday, =) sister stussi and I walked out of the Visitor Center and both started walking. looked back at this lady with a yellow jacket and then looked at each other and said.. YELLOW".  she was from Long Island (huntington) members had just moved there. it was cool)
Sister Stussi said that I was testifying in my sleep the other night.  Ha ha.  She was like it was really powerful and really cute.  and she said that the night before I was laughing.  So dont mind me. 
Anyway, I'm really proud of her and really miss that cute little face!

[ all in a name ]

OK, so really, we haven't been doing great with picking names, we just keep saying the same ridiculous ones over an over again so a big thanks to Holli for this lovely book that we actually really like for name suggestions. We'll keep you posted on all the great ones we come up with now :)

And if you would like to check to see if you have it in your local library... check WorldCat and just put your zip code in. Yes, I know, I'm queen of the nerds as Doug reminds me, but really, who doesn't love the library :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

[ sweet slumber ]

We got a crib :) Doug picked it up for me and even put it together. I love it. It's getting to feel kind of like this is really going to be happening soon. In a few months we'll have a little boy in there too...
yeah, we're pretty excited around here...

[ happy easter ]

Started yesterday with banana bread Easter muffins...
Then a wonderful General Conference morning and afternoon. 
Delicious Easter waffles by Doug.
And Holli sleeping between sessions :)
And a surprise basket from Doug filled with my favorite! Isn't he kind of amazing sometimes :)