Friday, April 20, 2012

Line 'em up

I love when I come out after Tuck has been playing quietly and I find that he has made a parking lot out of his cars. I was trying to take a picture of them when he wasn't in it, but he saw me with the camera and came over in front of his cars, so proud of them, to say cheese. I love how he stacked all the train pieces on the right and put something in the it.

And here's the picture that I forgot to post along!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

few more

These are the last of our pictures from AZ. Kind of random again, but this is going to be a book someday so I want them in there.

Just woke up sleepy swollen face.

Dinner at Sauce. And yes, I'm definitely looking pregnant these days. Love that I'm in the front.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Grandma Barbara

We stopped to see Grandma Barbara on the way to AZ. It was so fun to see her as usual. She seemed great. She's still got it when it comes to entertaining kids. We arrived and there was already a bucket of toys left out for Tucker to rummage through. Little did she know that no toy in that box could compare with her walker. Hours of fun.

Tuck and Gilgo eying each other.

We got a few really funny ones but I just realized they were on her camera. Anyway, we love you Grandma!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nana Nancy and NC

Warning: Long, long post, lots of pictures.

Before Julies wedding we decided to change our tickets to stop in Nevada City to see Kaity and the kids and new baby Iris, and hang out with Nana Nancy and make sure she was doing okay after her emergency surgery. It was so fun to see everyone as always.

The first day Tuck together.

For all of you that are hungry for more pictures of Iris we are happy to oblige. This was one of the 5 times she was awake the whole time we were there. And I'm only exaggerating a little. She is one serious sleeper. So perfect.

Doug got us all up and out the door to "hike" the Independence Trail. The weather was pretty beautiful while we were there. Warm sun and then snow.

Stopped at the picnic area and ate every snack that Kaity brought. This was only like 10 minutes in. Lily was very hungry.

I really love love love this kid.

Gio found a few mushrooms!

And Zeke found a salamander, them main reason the boys wanted to go on this hike. It was so cool looking. They let him go in Grandads pond in the back and we could never find him again.

Sleeping beauty.

This was Iris' spot on the couch. She can sleep through some serious noise. Doug managed to capture this sweet smile.

I seriously hope this is what we have in store for us in a few months!

Nana with the newest addition.

It was actually really nice having Nancy home the whole time we were there. We got to just hand around more and relax and be with her, not so much running around, and Doug wasn't freaking out so much about getting out and doing something.

Grandad and Iris

Now this little one is a firecracker.

Where is he?? Tucker loves to hide. Loves it. He always looks at you conspiratorially and whispers excitedly "hiding".

I did warn you this would be a long one...

Practicing their surprised look.

Hopefully he's still smiling when the baby is here to stay!

Love this picture even though it's blurry.

Not sure who let this homeless guy in off the street much less hold this baby. Oh wait, that's my husband. Yes, he did not shower the entire time we were there. Please help me.

It was really nice to be there for General Conference weekend. Even though I missed about half due to 5 kids around, it was nice to be there with everyone. Can't wait to read and watch them all again.

Hanging out on Grandad's new trail in the backyard.

Over at the Ranch for an afternoon walk.

Lily taking charge of Tucker.

Quick scenic stop on the way home from snowboarding for Doug. The lone tree.

Seriously not sure how Grandad gets Tuck to sit with him at all after all of his blanket stealing shenanigan.

Doug when he was a baby.

Tucker not happy at all to leave. Nana up and walking around pretty good before we left!! We went shopping the day before, her first big outing, and it went great. She didn't even break a sweat.

We are always sad to go.

Oh, and grandad took us to 49ers fun park for race car driving. It was soo fun. I didn't read the sign that says absolutely no bumping and no pregnant people. So I was happily riding and slamming into Doug :)