Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He's 8 months!

OK, so a recount of what Tucker perfected during his 7th month on this earth.

Percentiles at the beginning of February:
Weight-15.1 lbs: 4th
Height-27 inches: 47th
Head-? : 20th

-He is great at feeding himself now and can get those puffs in no problem.
-He wants everything you are eating and he is not afraid to throw a fit immediately to get it.
-He makes this weird face where he flexes all the muscles in it when you don't feed him fast enough. It's really funny.
-He is really great to take out to breakfast. He loves toast and pancakes and does really well in a high chair if you keep sending food his way.
-He can drink out of a sippy cup.
-New foods this month were avocado, pancakes, bread of all sorts, yogurt, and we have pretty much been giving him whatever we eat.
-The reflux medicine the doc prescribed seems to be working well. The quantity of puke in our house a greatly decreased. Yay!
-He can balance himself without holding on to anything for about 3 seconds. He pulls himself up on absolutely everything and can walk around if you hold his hands.
-His feet still turn out but the doc said that that should fix itself once he starts walking.
-He is taking awesome naps. 2 a day for a few hours each. Love it.
-Doc said until he gains some weight I should still feed him at night when he wakes, which is 2 times. I think since this medicine has been working he has gained at least a pound. Have you seen the gut this kid has now? Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's time to sleep through the night now. That will be month eight.
-He can mimic sounds/squeaks/squawks we make and is rather chatty at times. He can kind of say dadada bababa and I've heard him say ma a few times in there. But just in passing babble that is.
-He loves buddy dog and westy and gilgo and i'm sure copper as soon a he gets to see him again :)
-He is pretty darn happy if he is not tired or hungry.
-Everyone comments on how smiley he is. He is a big huge flirt. Everyone on the airplanes love him. Good thing, because he was kind of loud and exhausted and crying on this last one.
-He has been to the mainland 5 times already.
-He totally recognizes Doug and I now. He's more winey when I'm around. How sad.
-He got dunked under the ocean and didn't even cry.
-Not a huge fan of the bath, which is weird to me.
-Started dancing
-Got 2 teeth
-Started crawling away really fast when you say, what did you just put in your mouth.
-He can fit a ping-pong ball in his mouth.
-He loves going for bike rides in his new bike seat! (better picture coming soon)
-He has been spotted going around the kitchen sucking on all of the appliances, from the fridge, dishwasher, cabinet, oven.
-He loves Randy's perfectly manicured lawn and could play over there for hours with them.
-And he has his mom wrapped around his little cute finger.

-And my favorite thing about him is when he gets tired and he sees his blankie on the floor he comes over and dives into it and sucks his thumb. Or sometimes he just lays there on his stomach with his hands at his sides kicking his feet. It is really so cute.

I really love 7 months. I really love this kid!