Thursday, June 21, 2012

tuck and lili

Tucker really had fun with Lili. He says it all excited, but it comes out as YIYI! They spent the morning together one day and had a great time, for the most part...

He doesn't share his McQueen pillow with just anyone. Actually he doesn't share it at all, especially not baby Iris, who he ripped the pillow right out from under her head. And if I recall, this might have been a one shot deal because we had to get them separate pillows later...

Then sharing a little lunch together.

Until they each kept pulling the table out from the other and Tuck's true colors came out.

But a little rearranging and we were all A-OK.

It was so fun to get to see them together and get to hang out. As always, can't wait to see them again this summer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DeMartini Cousins

DeMartini cousins were here and here is a taste of the fun we had together. We didn't ever want them to leave. Ever. While they were here we had lots of fun. Went to jump off Waimea when they first got here, Lili was so brave with Danny and Tuck with Doug. So fun when Doug has his brothers around. He loves it sooo much. We hung around and relaxed a lot, well, as relaxing as it gets with 5 kids around. Went to the beach, had a fun birthday party. Doug and Danny picked our first lilikoi's of the season too.

Just the kids relaxing before bed. Tuck had been going crazy for the last hour jumping around and showing off for Zeke. Nice and rested for the party the next day ;)

So fun to just have those guys around. Look at this party.

Tucker and "wiwi" is how he says it.

And the jumping begins.

Big cousin Gio.

Trying to get comfortable in this pool...

Happy early 2nd birthday Tucker!

We decided to have Tuckers birthday party early this year since my due date was too close for comfort to his real birthday and I was already having a hard enough time waddling around. And the main reason, because Tuck's cousins were here. Doug really wanted a slip-n-slide, I wasn't so sure I wanted the hassle, but it turned out really fun. We all had a great time.

Luckily uncle Danny got back from his work trip just in time for the party.

Just getting the party started.

I made a sign to put under the slide. Tuck seemed to like it. His two major loves right now, cars and trains. He started loving Thomas about a month or so ago. So cute how he say Thomassss.

And yes, this was probably helping me get dilated so fast, but it was really fun. Luckily we did it early because I'm pretty sure I would not be doing that now.

Tucker can finally tell the difference between Gio and Zeke and know they are 2 different people now. He had so much fun with them and cried when they left.

This was the big boys race. Kind of a long video, and not sure why it's so fuzzy, but enjoy if you wish.

More pictures to come, but it was a really great day and are so glad Tuck's around and that he's 2!