Sunday, July 1, 2012

He's here!

David Daniel Kakela DeMartini
June 21, 2012 at 10:10pm
7lbs 10ozs at 19inches long

Well, after all the worrying about not making it to the hospital in time because I was at least 5cm dilated already it really worked out well. Luckily Thursday afternoon Doug had just gotten back from surfing and met Tucker and I at the park. We headed home and were working on some projects in the garage when my water broke around 6:30pm. Can I just say how glad I am that this didn't happen one hour earlier. It was practically perfect timing and I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father was helping out with this one.

Doug starting running around gathering all the last minute stuff. We left Tucker with our neighbors, Randy and Lucille, until his babysitter got here to spend the night. He loves her so it was easy to leave him in good hands. We were headed to the hospital about 15 minutes later and made it in record time for us, I think only half hour. My contractions didn't really start until the end of the drive and when we got in there they were pretty quick to get me into a room and get things going. Contractions started really hurting a bit after we got there and after the IV and the antibiotics and being freezing and in serious pain and throwing up I finally got the blessed epidural for the last hour or so. I know, I'm a wimp, but seriously, it was oh so amazing. They gave me something to slow the contractions until the doctor got there because we were ready to go really quickly. They were trying to stall a bit to get more antibiotics into me, but he was not in the mood to wait. Doug was amazing and I really love him. The doctor got there a bit later and I started pushing for about half hour, felt his head coming out (way weird), watching Doug's face as it's happening (wish I had a picture of that), doc telling me to push harder and softer and finally he was here and they put him right on my chest.

He had so much hair! And was so chubby compared to Tuck and looks nothing at all like him. And luckily he acts nothing at all like him either! I was so afraid what this kid was going to bring but so far he is being pretty perfect and I can't help but love him in our family. I was so worried about Tucker being upset about the whole thing but he is doing great with it. He comes and snuggles the baby sometimes and is so cute when he'll go over to him and say 'hi baby'. He calls him Buster too. He wasn't so sure about him at the hospital but he is getting used to it. Can't wait til they can play together. So glad that my mom and dad are here to give Tuck some extra attention. He's pretty much in heaven right now anyway.

I am feeling much better this time while recovering. I'm not as sad, not as big of an adjustment and my body is healing good too I think. This kid doesn't cry 24/7 for no apparent reason and has no major diaper rash and lets me sleep a few hours every night and hasn't turned me into a nervous wreck. And he's pretty cute.

enjoying his first bath. the nurses there were so so nice and helpful.

Papa and his baby.

fine head of hair

Peed on his doc. She came in to show us what he thought of being treated that way. She is really nice.

Tuck showing his brother his new Thomas train.

mommy and tuck tuck

reading about thomas

my two babies

all of a sudden tuck seems so huge!

I love these two smiles so much.

Nani got here on Saturday just in time to go home with us.

so tiny in his car seat.


Happy Father's Day

Father's Day was pretty nice this year. I was kind of sad since this was our last few days as a family of 3. I don't know what my problem was. But I can say that I'm happy to be a family of 4 now. The boys looked so cute at church in matching outfits. Our primary kids sung Families Can Be Together Forever with sign language. We have a deaf man in our ward and it was really sweet to see how those kids could learn it so fast. Came home and had some family shots, then Tuck needed to strip and jump in the pool of course. Lots of Tucker and Dad laughing and mom relaxing.

Hope Tuck knows how lucky he is, and I hope Doug knows how much we love him and what a great Dad and husband he is.