Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nevada City in April

Kaity said this is a special moment because they never all fall asleep in the car...

lili = total entertainment

like my goggle lines?

backyard bonfire with banana boats. great idea al.

And best of all... Zeke sleeping soundly as he holds a frog captive securely with his neck :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

32 weeks

He's kicking the computer right now as I type. Apparently he's not comfortable with the edge of the laptop digging into him. Sorry kiddo. 31-32 weeks is pretty much the same as 30 but I'll add hotdogs into the craving area. and potato and broccoli with cheese much to dougs dismay since he really despises broccoli. And the bottom of my feet hurt some days. i have to wear my cushiony slippers around. other than that, life is great and I'm doing real good. we still don't have a name, and it's starting to feel like crunch time. we started birthing classes last week and bless doug's heart, he's not putting up too much fuss about it. tomorrow we're supposed to bring pillows, so that should be interesting.

Happy Mother's Day to Me.

Doug said that I was nurturing a baby so that makes me mother enough to celebrate this year. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Doug made me the most delicious breakfast in the world... and flowers. Who'd have thought it. And I felt completely lucky and loved and happy. And really blessed to be married to doug and having our baby. I think this is the first of many Mother's Days I am going to love. And yes, that was freshly squeezed.