Saturday, April 14, 2012

Julie's bridal shower

We had a quick little shower for Julie right before her wedding. It was fun to get together real quick and be girly. The guys all went to the opening baseball game, dad went to the pool to read and opened gifts and laughed.

Not a great picture of me, that's for sure, but Julie sure does look great and it's her day. Isn't she just lovely.

Luke and Tuck were there enjoying the show. Whatcha got there Luke? Love how his tongue is sticking out!

I love this picture even though everyone's eyes are closed. Lots of laughs with everyone together. It was really fun.

And we pretty much have no pictures of Tuck and Luke together this whole trip. Bummer. This will have to do for now.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Due one month apart

I'm so excited that Cassie is due only one month after me. I can't wait until we all live together and our kids get to grow up being best friends. Pretty please can this happen?

Why does she always look so much more put together than me? And aren't Julie's bridesmaid dresses made by the fabulous Julia DeMartini LaSeuer absolutely beautiful. Everyone loved them. It completed the Rathgeber sisters bridesmaid dresses, all the same dress just different colors/fabrics. Awesome. Thanks Julia!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 Years of Service

We had our Employee Appreciation dinner a few weeks ago and I got recognized for 5 years of service at BYU-H. Whoohoo! It came with a beautiful black single pearl necklace that I got to pick out. Not too shabby. The dinner was delicious and the music was really fun. We actually had a really great time. I say actually because you never know how these work things might go. I'm glad Doug came, it was a really fun date night. They had section set up for photos and for some reason Doug was willing to oblige.


On another note, I love my husband. I love this picture of him, and when he smiles like that, especially when he is smiling at me. I love that he is so sweet and proud of me for my accomplishments and makes me feel special. Yes, I love him. How can you not love that face?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Julie got married!

The last sister bites the dust. The wedding was so beautiful. Julie was of course gorgeous. Julie and Lane seemed so happy and wonderful together.  Lane's family seems awesome. And I hardly got any pictures or any time with Julie!! I'll get mine up on the computer to post a few soon, but thanks Kylie for posting these. Can't wait to see the rest soon.