Monday, July 16, 2012

two favorites

1. cars
2. the hose

Put them together and you get this awesomeness. Photos courtesy of Doug.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday beach fun

This weekend we had a fun family beach day. Buster was great and behaved the whole time until we were about to leave. We met up with the Millers and had some great fun. At the beach behind the Red House.

Baby Davey and Baby Enzo. He is 4 days older than Davey.

Tucker and Bowen always have a great time together. They are so cute!

If we still live near each other in 15 years I bet these kids will love these pictures cause I'm sure they would stay friends.

Mom's getting some time to relax with the babies.


We love you guys.

Buster enjoying his snooze in the shade

Tucker saw this picture and said, 'surfing!'

Tucks first time body boarding

And his first time surfing that he didn't try to jump off. Dad was pretty happy.

we made it 1 - 2 - 3 weeks!

Warning: Extra Long Post

Needless to say I was a little bit nervous to come home with 2 kids, you know, with Tucker throwing sucker punches at Happy Lulu and all, but 3 weeks later I'm feeling pretty good about this new family of ours most of the time.

Luckily my mom was able to get out here just before we got home from the hospital and luckily Tuck had someone to give him complete attention and I had someone to do everything for me! Thanks Mom, we love you. Then we got a quick weekend visit from Dad and we all had a great time. Baby Buster pretty much was awake for a total of 20 hours his first 2 weeks and is really a blessing. He is pretty much the opposite of I was kind of freaked out when M & D left and almost lost it when Tuck started kinda crying after we dropped them off at the airport, but it just goes to show you how much better I'm feeling this time that I just almost lost it, and didn't completely lose it :) It was so great to have them both out here. We are lucky to have Nani and Pop Pop. It definitely helped Tucker feel like he wasn't getting left out when baby Davey came home because he was totally spoiled with presents and attention.

It seems like it worked because he has gotten used to having baby around and likes to cuddle with him, gets excited when he wakes up and even shared part of his blanket with him today. I came into the other room the other day and Tuck had brought all the babies blankets and put them on top of him and his face. Luckily he wasn't stuck like that for long. He likes to bring him his pacifier and hold it in his mouth when he cries and he's getting used to having a companion next to him in the car. It's all going much better then I had allowed myself to hope :)

I will say that baby Davey is waking up and is probably the gassiest baby I've been around. He's having a hard time sleeping good these days because he wakes himself up with his grunting and squealing trying to get his gas out. Anyone have a magic cure for that? He's pretty good about letting me get at least two 3 hour blocks of sleep at night, and the few times he's been grunting all night are nothing compared to the terror I felt every night with Tuck because he pretty much didn't let me get any sleep. So far, he's pretty good, he likes his pacifier, he poops a ton, only got a yeast infection that cleared in a week, I can totally handle that. And he has really cute chubby cheeks that I can't stop from kissing all the time. I weighed him on our scale and I think he's about 9lbs exactly.

Can I just say that this 3 weeks has gone by 1,000 times faster than last time and for that I am grateful. Baby Buster was sleeping on the floor today and Tucker was running around him and dressing him with his cars and Doug and I were watching our kids thinking how fun this is. We are blessed and we know it, very grateful for our little family.

And Tuck is a serious parrot these days. He copies everything we say and I love it. He's growing up to be such a fun little kid.

Oh, and here's a little list of birthdays in June just in our families. June is getting pretty filled up.

June Birthdays

4: Uncle Richie
5: Natalie
10: Rachel Cad
10: Baby Ellie Williams
17: Cora Mae Psillos
19: Katie Psillos
20: Chris Thompson
21: Danny & Buster
25: Tucker
28: Becky
29: Alli
30: Julia

Who else did I miss?

Starting to love opening presents. It's so cute how excited he gets, he starts screaming.

Reading with Nani

Still week 1

Teaching Tuck how to fix a flat tire

Nani sharing her icecream

Trying to tell him no cars by his head, but he just couldn't help himself

Tucker's 2!

If we don't swaddle him he ends up with his hands by his head


His eyes were a little yellow for about 2 weeks but they are looking nice and white now.

he likes his dad's tummy

just a little spill...

Brushed his hair after his first bath.

I know, that hair looks awful red...

Some Impossible's Pizza at Waimea for dinner. Yum.

Tuck was attached to pop pop

Piles of cars everywhere.

Taking a picture for Aunt Hannie's birthday.

Heading out. How sad!

Dave and Baby Davey

We love you guys so much and are so glad you came!!

Sometime Tuck wants to hold him now :)

Oh yes, and cousing Timmy and Areana stopped by on the way home from their honeymoon in Kauai and we got to see them for a day. It was so fun and we feel so special that they came. Tuck had great fun with them and Areana was an instant favorite. She has a special touch with kids I would say. We didn't want them to leave!

love this one for some reason.

Uncle Timmy

Reading books before bed after a delicious dinner at Kahuku Grill

Sporting the tie dye.

His hair dried awesome that day.

He's so much bigger than Tuck was!