Monday, December 17, 2012

Al and Britta

We finally got to see Al and Britta's place. It is so nice and homey and huge. We loved it. And they have this wonderfully huge backyard. Tucker was having a bit of a rough afternoon so we headed outside to relax. The traveling was finally catching up with him and it wasn't a pretty sight.

But it was a beautiful day out.

Al showing us around and being a great tour guide.


We had lots of fun just relaxing and hanging out with these two. And eating tons of treats from 2 Trader Joe trips. I love that place. Oh, and going to that delicious mexican place. Two of the great benefits of living in SD.

Tucker apparently thinks that they are pretty funny.

Having fun playing cars with Big Al.

Yay for San Diego. It was a great quick trip and we're real glad we got to visit.

The Ritz Carlton

Thanks to Holli-Aynn we got to spend the night at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel where she works and it was completely amazing. We had this ridiculously awesome suite that was humongous and all marble and the bed was so comfy. The Holli made sure we got the royal treatment and we totally. I was loving that they crib they brought came with cute bedding and kit with a bunch of baby bath products and a nightlight and a bunch of stuff. We had an ocean view from all of our 3 balconies and was so beautiful. Julia and Bryan live close by so we invited them to hang out and relax a few days before Julia popped! The hotel was having their big Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and it was real fun to be there for that.

And Davey was so tired so we left him sleeping upstairs in his awesome crib.

The big balcony at sunset.

Don't mind the glasses. The only bummer about this trip was the pink eye I got that day that lasted 2 weeks. So annoying.

Checking out the tree after some cookies and hot choclate

Julia and Bry ordered pizza to the hotel for dinner. Delicious.

Headed down to the pool and the hot tub for a bit.

Cutie pies.

Tuck was loving hanging out with Uncle Bryan

Then we walked around the hotel at night and checked it out and hung out with Holli at the front desk and ate the salt water taffy they have there and gorged on some evening chocolates she scrounged for us :)

The day before we had run into some old friends at church and Doug ended up going out surfing with Mark in the morning. They had a great time. Fun to see Mark again.

Relaxing in our comfy bed in the morning while dad surfed.

Jules being an awesome mom while I was somewhere at CVS trying to get my pink eye meds.

Then we said goodbye to Jules and Bryan and made Holli come back to the hotel on her day off :) Tuck had fun at the beach.

Tucker pulling Holli everywhere he goes.

I went upstairs to check on Davey and this is what happens down there.

And when dad's watching him.

We even had sparkling cider delivered to our room with a special treat.

When we finally got kicked out around 3:30pm, and we really waited until we got kicked out, we got to go check out Holli's house and then raced to the rainbow outlet, which had just closed, so we headed to the harbor and it was cold and beautiful.

Thanks Holli-Aynn for making this happen. It was soooo fun to see you and get to see your new life that you ditched us for. We love you!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

San Diego

This Thanksgiving was super crazy and super fun. We stopped in San Diego to break up the flight to NY and visited a few friends we haven't seen in way too long. Got in super late Friday night, Tuck was totally freaked out by some huge orangoutang mural on the building near the car rental place and said "no orangoutangs" about a hundred times the rest of that trip.  Of course Doug and Al kept reminding him about them. They are nothing if not helpful.

Jaime got us free San Diego Zoo passes and Al and Britta (are awesome and let us stay with them) only live about 5 minutes from there. It was pretty fun, even on a few hours sleep and no naps to be had.

Starting the day off with Jaime and Alisa. So fun to see them again with all their little rugrats. Actually, theirs are already getting so big, I'm behind in the game.

You should have seen us with all those strollers and kids running around. What a fun stage of life this is...

Holli-Aynn and her friend came to hang out with us too. We just love Holli.

Tuck mainly just wanted to push the stroller around the whole time. Sometimes this kid is maddening.

The elephant display was my favorite I think, and Tucks. Jaime told me it was state of the art. She should know she was a tour guide there. So fun going with her. She knows all the details.

checking out the polar bear was pretty cool.

Tuck loved this helicopter.

Davey just loves himself a handful of hair.

They love her.

Brotherly love.

Tuck insisted on taking this back and I'm glad he did. Doug was about to make us see every inch of that place and we were going on not much sleep and pretty much no food. Doug doesn't need to eat, pretty much ever. Luckily Casey and Holli wouldn't stand for it after 4pm.

Yay for San Diego Zoo. We finished the night off at In-n-Out and it was so delicious. Thanks for the tickets Prigmore's and Eag. And thanks for coming down to see us Holli and Casey!