Tuesday, October 2, 2012

garden shower

I love this kid. He's getting to be so grownup already. He really is such a good little buddy these days. I liked these shots that Doug got after they went swimming the other day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Syncronized Swimming

OK, this was so fun to watch this summer. Doug and I couldn't get our act together for this, but everyone did so awesome. I love that everyone is willing to be so silly and just go for it. My babies were freaking out this morning so I'm not even sure who won the competition, but frankly they all did awesome. We ran out of memory space so we didn't catch the end of Al and Britta's who had quite a finale. And I think Jos and Mason too! Sorry guys.

Kaity & Danny:

Emily & Garrett:

Britta & Al:

Joslin & Mason:

And of course, the single ladies, April, Nat & Ellie:


Overload of pictures here but I feel like I haven't posted any of this baby brother that is getting so big already. He's such a great addition and we are really enjoying him. A little taste of what's been going on around here lately. Or at least what we were able to catch on the camera.

Tuck's first haircut by the lovely Mandy.

He did so good!

He rarely just relaxes and lets you read to him. He's a very interactive participant. I love how he is crossing his legs. And the car bracelets thanks to Jess and kids.

Just some hanging around going on:

Tucker loves to push the stroller. In fact he is very insistent. He's actually quite good at steering it.

And Richie came for a quick visit. Always a pleasure.

He can easily roll over now. If you put him on his back it's not more than a few seconds and he's on his tummy. Leads with his head as you can see.

Tucker loves to play with him and snuggle him. It's so precious. Really melts my heart. Why was I so scared to have this baby in our family again? I think he's a perfect fit.

He loves to suck on his hands. And his thumb when he can manage it.

Hanging out in baby brothers bed.

Tuck thinks it's so funny when Davey rolls over on him.