Wednesday, March 16, 2011

have i mentioned...

Not sure, but have I mentioned how much I love this kid? And how much he makes me laugh. He is really so much fun I could hardly stand to put him to bed tonight.

I love when he crashes in for a quick cuddle like this.


I believe I mentioned he can fit a ping pong ball in his mouth. Just one of his many party tricks.


And finally, all hail King Trix.


I really do love this kid.

date day to pt. reyes

Thanks to Nana Nancy and Aunties Joslin and Ellie, Doug and I were able to get away for the day and drive down to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse and see "the only place I've been wanting to go for so long" as Doug likes to say about almost everything :) But I'm so glad we got the chance and made the trip. So nice to drive in the car without being anxious that Tucker is going to start screaming at any moment. So nice just to hang out with Doug all day. So nice to go on a fun road trip. It was sooo windy there. And so green and blue and beautiful. The lighthouse stairs were closed, so that was a bummer, but overall, this day was a 10.

And apparently Tucker was an angel all day. Bonus.










Guess who was really excited to see this smiley face when she got home.



I'm not going to lie. The thought, "what the heck were we doing having this kid" crossed my mind more times than I can remember in those first few months. And the main thing that made sense was the fact that there is no where in the world we'd rather be, and no other people in the world we'd rather be around than our family. We have been so blessed with seriously amazing family with so much love everywhere. We are very lucky. So, when we get to be around any of our family it is quite a treat. And luckily we get to see a variety of them quite often (although not nearly enough). Just a few of the faces we have loved seeing lately.

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And so so so many more faces. But you get the idea.
And I really wish I had one of one of our many breakfast outings with lovely Ellie. Yum.

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And of course buddy dog.

Joslin's Home

We missed you Sister DeMartini. We are so glad you got to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for a year and a half with the people of Salta, Argentina. And we are so so glad that you are finally home.

So glad that we even showed up two days early just in case we might get to see you a minute sooner ;)

Tucker is really happy he finally got to meet aunt Joslin too. I know you won't believe this but until now he had no one to teach him how to play the recorder.



This was really funny. Tucker trying to get over the bar underneath the ping pong table. He conquered the first time. This looks like the second time where he was defeated. Ha.


So fun to be together. We missed you Emily and Natalie!!!

Love this kids face. And we love to see your face again too Jos.

I think I speak for all when I say that it is sure nice to have captain blondie back.

Snow & Igloos

When we were in Nevada City to see Joslin after coming home from her mission in Argentina last month it DUMPED snow. A few feet. So much that the trees were falling all over the power lines everywhere and we lost power for a day and half or so. And it was oh so much fun. I think we all felt like little kids again. Check out Kaity's post for some great sledding pictures.


On Doug's drive home from snowboarding. Before the big snow storm.


It started snowing during the afternoon and we had this much by the evening!


The next morning with the power out...



Al and Doug decided to make an igloo. Britta and Jos, Ellie & Dave decided they could make one better. I don't have day pictures of them though! Only video. Maybe I'll put that up soon.



Tucker and I decided to watch

And then Al slept in one, and then Gio and Grandad/Danny slept in one and Doug slept in the other. Doug kept trying to get me to sleep in there with him but with Tucker waking up 2 times a night I was kind of off the hook...


As usual, we didn't want to go home.

This was before the train was perfected... Love Dave's laugh in there :)

And still working on it...

Beautiful Lily

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Doug's dad called us while we were watching TV on Thursday night telling us about the earthquake in Japan and tsunami warning in Hawaii. An hour later it went from advisory to warning and we were waiting to decide if we needed to get out or not, and then finally deciding what to pack and take with us when we did leave, sometime before 3am when this tsunami was supposed to hit. We ended up heading over to the library with a bunch of blankets and pillows and pack-n-play for tucker around 1:30am. There were already a bunch of families there taking up different corners in the library. We headed up and setup camp in the stacks. Tucker cried a bit but then was pretty good the rest of the night. Jake was immediately out and Doug left us to go ride his bike around Laie and check things out. Of course he was at the beach when the tsunami was scheduled to come. Of course. Luckily nothing really happened. Except I woke up at 3:30 with no word of Doug and was hoping that didn't mean he was dead! But of course, he was fine. And had a front row seat for the small tsunami waves that did show up. So yes, thank you JFS Library for giving us a place to rest our heads :) And thank you lovely janitor for waking us up at 6:30am so we could get packed up and out of the library before it opened at 7!