Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Davey's One!

Lately Tucker has been saying some really funny things and it surprises me that I must say things that particular way.
When he finds us, or is looking for us he says, “Mama, where are ya?” all fast and close together, or “There ya are.”
Last night I went into Tuck’s room after I had already put him to bed and gone through the routine (fluoride, gummy vites, brush teeth, new diaper, pj’s, book, bed with dental “treats” and , prayer, and then turn on the penguin night light). Well, he sleeps with the door opened every night so I hear him. I was just brushing my teeth when I hear “Mom!” I go in and he pulls me close and says in a whisper, “I have one problem.” I was laughing and said what is your problem? He says, I have pee. And in fact he did, all over his pants. He was just so cute about it. Changed him up and he went right to bed. We have really been enjoying him lately.
The other day we were at the park and Davey was walking really good and Tuck exclaims loudly, “We’re so proud of ya, Davey!” He always says excitedly, “Look! He’s standing!” or now, “Look! He’s walking!”. He really is the sweetest brother.
They love, love, love to make each other laugh.

Davey’s first year.
He loves balls, following Tuck around, hanging on things, climbing up the slide and falling down, playing in the water/bath/pool/ocean. He loves to snuggle on silky and plush blankets and pillows. He rolls around on them on his back and totally spreads out and relaxes and it’s so cute. He has the cutest baby giggle, and Tucker gets that out of him most. He thinks that Tucker is hilarious and Tuck goes to great lengths to get that laugh. He got his first tooth around 8 months and now has 6 and it has been a super slow process. Took his at about 11 months old. He loves his baba, and he is now walking exclusively while holding on to his blanket, which he loves to snuggle and suck his thumb with. He loves to take 2 naps, and he loves his cribs. He pretty much jumps out of your arms into the crib when he’s tired without a peep and snuggles into his blankets. He loves to dance and loves watching Baby Genius shows with music. He is really the sweetest and is so different then Tuck, so much more like a baby than Tuck ever was. His nicknames are chubby, chub chubs, peanut butterball, baby, Davey-boy and sometimes we actually call him Davey. He loves to play in Tuckers room and in the crib with Tuck. He is pretty hungry kid, he’s not that great at eating a lot on his tray, but he is great at sucking down bottles. We are going to have to change that soon. He has chubby cheeks and his smile melts just about everyone. When you are holding him and someone comes up to him, he snuggles into your chin. He loves the trampoline. He loves to drink from hoses and the faucet and sprinklers and the gutter drain pipes(when it's raining, it's quite a site). He is a pretty good sport about everything getting taken away from him, sometimes he freaks out. He is so different from Tuck in his organization style. His idea of fun in to have a bucket of toys in front of him and take them all out one by one and fling them all over the place. He isn’t in love with cars but that might be only because Tucker will never let him touch them, but he definitely prefers to just throw them around. He can fit a golf ball in his mouth as well. He loves to chew on everything, especially gravel. He loves bike rides with dad. He is still really fair and we have to watch him in the sun. He is a whiner sometimes and just follows you around whining/crying for a few days and just when you think you might want to get rid of him, he turns into the cutest thing for the next few days. He is a great sleeper at night, usually from about 7:30 to 6:30 or so. With about 4-5 hours of nap time a day. Love him for it. He is really strong and has a really tight grip. In the last few days he is just starting to stand and walk more than crawl, and he seems very excited about it. He laughs really loud when you make faces at him. He is so happy when you go in to get him from his crib, the polar opposite of Tuck who wakes up like an angry bear. Davey is so happy and sweet right after. Another nice change.

He loves corn on the cob.
Seriously can't get enough of that cute chubby face. He really melts us.
4th of July fireworks at TB. Davey absolutely loved them. Tucker kept saying, "I don't like these fireworks." He really hates loud noises, like the Vitamix, whereas Davey totally loves it.

They are really great little buddies. Tucker can barely handle when he's sleeping, he always wants to wake him up. They love playing in this pool together.
Cute little bums.

Davey's birthday morning.
I love this picture. Their faces are perfect.
Got his new front facing car seat. Him and Tucker talk to each other and Tuck tries to make him laugh a lot of the time.
Loving the sink bath :) We are so glad to have these two in our lives even though we are at our whits ends with them some of the time!!