Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[ north shore, surf, friends, and a sandbar ]

This Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent pretty much the entire time at the beach. And had a great time.

This picture was too cute not to put up. Velzy looks kinda like you're little twin here.

I have no idea what picture is really a good one of Doug surfing, and it's really hard to tell what you're getting when just looking at the thumbnail, but this one looks pretty good to me. Thanks everyone for our new camera. It's pretty awesome to have on days like this.

Ok, i just think this one is ...

Isn't he handsome with that ridiculous mohauk thing shaved off. So cute :)

Jealous yet?

And there was a huge sandbar out there. We went out and played on it. And it was so much fun.

And I'm not sure what I was doing here, but this might have been the time when Doug forgot the doctor's orders that tackling is now out of the question :)

Can you tell it was a pretty fun day? Hope you had a great weekend too!

[ the arab, the chef, the hair, the tummy, and the carpet ]

Well, here are just a few of the things that have been going on around here lately...
1. Some Saturday afternoon hanging out with everyone on the tower. Enos enjoying the beautiful day :)

2. Doug being an angel on Sunday night and making my dreams come true by whipping up a batch of curry that I was craving. It was extremely delicious :)

Isn't he so cute in the kitchen?

3. New hair part II. I decided to lighten it up a bit and add some highlights. Lindsay (my friend) did an awesome job and I am quite pleased and ready to be done fiddling with my hair.
Not sure what in the world is going on with this smile... and don't hate me, but that is my hair first thing in the morning with no brushing it or anything. Not bad if you ask me. I really am loving this new haircut.

4. OK, those of you who asked for them, here are the tummy pictures. This is at 16 weeks. And since I took this picture on Saturday (in the morning, after I peed and before I ate), I have definitely taken on a more pregnant look (especially after dinner). I will have to take a picture again this next Saturday because I'm sure you will get a much better show. Good news is, feeling pretty good again. Bad news... just starting to not fit into my clothes.

5. Craving Boston's Pizza. This whole pregnancy I've been craving mozzarella cheese and white kinds of bread... making pizza look pretty much irresistible. It would be really wonderful if I was in NY for this, but since I'm not, Boston's is the closest thing I've found and it is pretty delicious. I was getting pretty ridiculous and counting down the days/hours until I would be in Kaneohe to get another slice. And I was eating it in moderation. One slice every time I could, maybe 2. This lasted about the first 3.5 months. Then I realize I was going about it all wrong. Cure:  Overdose. If you eat 4 pieces in one day that might just be enough to get you to stop day dreaming about it every day and counting down the days until you'll next be in Kaneohe to get a slice. It seemed to work for me.
6. I LOVE our new living room rug! Thank you Travis (Doug's friend from N.C.) for the wonderful wedding present. And the best thing about it is, the awesome lady checking us in at Hawaiian airlines totally let us check it on for 20 bucks. I love her too.  And we left the previous rug and pads under it so it's like a cushiony slice of heaven every time you step on it (or lie on it, of which i have been doing a lot of lately, in front of that lovely tv :)