Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dave and Nancy came and it was so fun to have them here. Tucker absolutely loved the attention and had a blast.

Showing off his jumping skills.

Enos busted his knee at some boot camp a few weeks ago. Poor Enos.

Tuckers favorite outside toy. He's actually really fast on this scooter.

Having some fun in the sun

He was a crazy swimmer this day, loving the water and running back and forth and swimming from one person to the next.

Visiting Grandad hiding in the shade.

We can't wait til they come back again!

Friday, June 1, 2012

taming the beast

doug found a brush and was trying to tame tucks hair before church. pretty successful and really cute.

look at that beautiful part.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

35ish weeks

I can never remember how far along I am this pregnancy. I think we're kind of in denial. We haven't discussed names and I have done nothing to prepare yet. Nothing. I think Tucker's going to have a really hard time with this and I'm a bit worried because if I hold a baby he says NO!, and if we are around crying babies he yells STOP IT! Any suggestions for getting him ready? I don't think he understands at all that one is coming. Yikes. This pregnancy I think the baby feels bigger. He's been in the same position for awhile now, head down, butt to my right and a foot constantly kicking out the left side. Quite often there is some movement in there to a beat that will last a long time, but a strong movement felt from the outside. Moving to one of our heartbeats? I feel pretty good. My fingers aren't numb like last time, thank heavens. But I feel quite large and I can't breathe if I eat/drink much, definitely feels more squished in there I think. Not as tired as I was a few weeks ago, but it's really getting hard to move around. All in all it's going good. My student workers sometimes ask me if I'm OK when I'm walking past them because I totally waddle for a bit until I warm up because my back hurts after sitting. That's always fun. And Danny did say that I looked like a manatee he just saw in Palau when I was in my grey swimsuit. He had a big grin on. Got to love the DeMartini class. I get hassled by Doug so much everyday about it too that I didn't want to kill him, can pretty much see the resemblance myself. Here's a picture per your request Jess.

pirate party

our friends had a pirate birthday party for their 3 year olds and it was awesome. the kontoes are some serious party planners.

tuck wouldn't keep on his bandana, but he was pretty cute anyway.

David and Ashley and baby Meeya.

Meg and Tosh. Tuckers twin.

They built this awesome pirate ship. Tucker loved walking the plank.

I know black is supposed to be slimming... but it seems to be having the opposite effect this time.

They even had a treasure hunt on the dark beach with David being a really convincing scary pirate over to find the treasure chest. Tuck enjoying his loot.

the moffats

Such a fun night, i need to hire Jackie for Tucks birthday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

mother's day 2012

it was a great day. delicious breakfast, lots of love, out of church early with a shell lei and box of chocolate macadamia nuts. trip to the visitors center, nice nap outside on the deck, walk down to the beach and i'm pretty sure there was a delicious dinner in there too. i love being tucker's mom. and i love being his mommy-daddy with doug. i love both my babies and feel very blessed to have them. and to have such a good mom and mom-in-law. so very blessed.

love that smile


doug ditched us and went to fiji. this one was on surfline. him and al or paddling. haven't seen any other pictures of him yet from this trip, so this will have to do.