Thursday, January 28, 2010

[ sometimes dreams really do come true... ]

At least Doug's dreams do. Because we are having a BOY! We were thinking about waiting to find out but seriously, how can you resist when you're in there and they can easily tell you!?! We are very excited. He is healthy as far as they can see. Yeah!

And we really need some name suggestions. So far Doug is really set on Cletus Longfellow. Are you kidding me. He better be. Here's just a few shots for your viewing pleasure...

Hey, how's it going guys? Look at his perfect little hand!
So, the doctor says it's a boy and he's sure of it from this picture... Well, if you say so. 
And just a quick look at his cute perfect leg.
and his strange looking face :)
Anyway... it's a boy :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[ 17 weeks ]

Mind you, this is in the morning. There is a whole different picture after dinner.
Maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to see one of those.
And only 2 more days until the we can find out!!

[ let's go outback tonight...]

Happy Birthday Enos!!

O.K. So Enos has joined me in the big 30.  I can tell this is going to be a pretty good year for him. It was for me at least :) So we were planning to go to this Moroccan restaurant in Kailua where you sit on the floor, they sprinkle you with something, and you get no utensils to eat your 5 course meal with. Sounds kind of fun doesn't it? Well, we were all stoked. But apparently Moroccan's don't think it's important to eat on Monday becuase it was closed so Enos picked Outback. Yum and Fun. Delicious food and wonderful company. I hope he thought so too, but I really enjoyed it :) And, to top it off, our waiter was awesome. He had no problem splitting the check, and he split the appetizers and Enos' meal 6 ways an added it onto each of ours. Isn't that just wonderful? All without a sigh or giving us stink eye once.   Then we went to Baskin Robbins where Enos picked out his Birthday Cake: The Log Cake. They were not so kind at this store. They kept loudly reminding us that they were closing in 13 minutes, then 10 minutes... you get the point.

And Holli and Hailey unknowingly decided they would be the "doublemint twins" as Jordon so aptly pointed out.

Not a bad sunset at Sunset.

They just love each other so much


Can our baby please have his eyes...

But maybe not his ridiculous face making tendency...

Thanks for getting Doug this shirt Al. It's really great that it's his favorite now.
Happy Birthday Enos! We're real glad you were born.