Tuesday, May 28, 2013

wonderful weekend

This weekend was pretty eventful and fun. Tucker was a big helper getting the weed out of the soon to be (we hope) garden again.

We decided to head to Wet 'n Wild water park on the west side and spent the afternoon at the kid section. Tucker loved it. The rest of us had a lot of fun too. There were slides and obstacles and a lazy river and wave pool that we could all go on. One of these days we will get to go back for a big kid day. After the park we went to Costco for a few things and we devoured a case of strawberries while in there. Davey can sure make a mess. And both of their hair is pretty wild lately. Tuck just got another haircut that morning by Dad.

 And a beautiful full rainbow that followed us on the way home.
On Sunday we barely survived church with two extremely tired kids and ended the day at the Visitors Center. I Had never walked into one of the rooms all the way and was amazed to find this beautiful view I have been missing for years.


Davey was having a great time smacking his hand on the table and Tucker was getting a kick out of it. They are really starting to play together more and more and I love it. I especially love how reverent and quite they are at church and the temple (I wish!)


Monday we headed early to Waimea with a few friends and had a great morning and afternoon there. Tucker and Doug had fun jumping off the rock and we all had fun playing in the water. It was a perfect day. And bummer that I took no pictures.  We came home and crashed, we, as in me and the kids, while Doug went out surfing. Had a relaxing evening to end off the weekend right.

Picture credits are all Doug, who is, by the way, turning into quite the Mr. Mom.