Tuesday, May 1, 2012

rainbows and rain

Last week we stopped at the Red House to check out goats and along came a beautiful full rainbow. Doug made us go out into the rain for pictures. Tuck kept saying, "raining" the whole time and trying to hide. I must admit it was really gorgeous. Sometimes I forget how gorgeous it is here.

Shoving a piece of bread in his mouth.

Just look at that grin.

And even though this is not my best shot you can actually see Doug's face :)

It was a really fun night. I feel so lucky to have an awesome husband and a cutie pie son. I'm glad my family can be together forever.

Monday, April 30, 2012

toy catalogs

Tucker loves these toy catalogs we started getting. He especially loves a little Toys "R" Us one that came. It has those big jeeps for kids to ride in, Lightning McQueen in there somewhere, Elmo and bikes, and skateboards and pools, etc. He asks to read that for a bedtime story, and then he wants to sleep with it. And a few times he has. We checked on him and his face was laying on it.

Kind of hard to tell in this picture, but you can see he is pretty happy about looking at it. He found a truck in this one.

Oh, and there is a blurry picture of Doug's new haircut. Isn't he handsome?


Tuck loves going to nursery on Sunday. Doug always takes him in because I have to start our Primary class, a lovely bunch of Valiant 10's, and he always does well. He loves the ladies in there, he loves the toys, the coloring, and the snacks. They get full blown meals in this nursery class. Lately they've been giving him special treats to bring home when it's done. Two weeks ago it was a pudding cup, last week a cupcake. We started making him wait until we got home into his chair because it's too messy otherwise, and it's perfect. He runs to the car, jumps into his car seat and runs up the stairs to get home into his chair. No fighting, no trying to push his stuff on the lawn, no lollygagging. Yay for nursery.

sleepy face

this was tuck this morning at 7:30, sleeping late, probably still exhausted from our exhausting weekend and late nights. i love his puffy face in the morning.