Thursday, March 6, 2014


I want to remember this Sunday. Nothing super special about it but it's mt life right now. I love 8am church. I love my valiant 10 class this year and how they volunteer to read the scriptures and say the prayer and that we can feel the spirit there. I love that Tucker is settling in so well to sunbeams and doesn't cry anymore and goes happily. Davey goes happily to nursery and everyone loves him and his chubby cheeks. And his cute innocent smile. Lakey slept and smiled and was a sweet little baby. Tucker loves to sing. He always talks about primary songs. He's a natural leader and plays the oldest brother well. He is helpful and puts Lakey's binky in all the time and is genuinely concerned and protective of Davey and Lakey. Davey plays the younger brother perfectly. He follows and copies almost every single move Tucker makes. He goes to bed yelling, "Tucker!" or standing over his crib looking at Tucker in his bed, "Tucker, where are you?", and he wakes up from nap or morning and his first words are, "Tucker?".  He recently learned how to actually jump off the ground and loves to go to the "beach" with his "swimsuit" and "surfboard". He loves alligator pond. Tucker is an amazing swimmer and does flips, dives, swims backwards and is really a sweetheart most of the time. I am really blessed! Even though I can't wait to get them all in bed by 7:30 or so, I really love them! Now if only I could find the energy to brush there teeth at night. We say family prayer every night, so maybe we'll just start praying for no cavities?

And we finally got a van! Amazing that we can all fit comfortably. We spent a good amount to get a real nice one. Pretty stoked! Tucker helping Davey to climb in and explore. Sweeties.