Thursday, December 31, 2009

[ darky ]

I've gone dark for the winter at Doug request.... I'm starting to get used to it I think... but only for a little.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[ the honeymoon ]

Honeymoon, in this order:
1. Hang out in Nevada City with the family for a few days.
2. At no time have a plan for more than the next hour ahead. Not my choice...
3. Go to Reno and hang out for the night at the Grand Sierra. Doug tried to kill me on this AWESOME ride. 2X. It was so fun. Eat at the most delicious little diner place for dinner, and then for breakfast again.
4. Head to South Lake Tahoe but stop along the way for a quick 10 mile hike to the top of Mt. Rose. I was an awesome hiker. Doug's never been so in love with me.
5. Get to Tahoe Keys, find our condo, hang out, ride bikes, kayak, relax, eat, take pictures, boat cruise, go to the movies, the arcade, eat, and discover the Grocery Outlet.
6. Decide to fly to NY to drive cross country. Get to NY and decide not to drive cross country, but to go to Cape Cod and Maine instead for the week.
7. See a lot of lighthouses.
8. Eat a lot of lobster. Eat a lot of clam chowder. Eat a lot of homemade icecream.
9. Ride bikes, hang out by the hottub, enjoy Boothbay Harbor.

Here are a few more pictures for you viewing pleasure if you're interested from facebook:  Part I and Part II.

[ bachelor party ]

This is what they decided to do the day before the wedding. Try and kill themselves. They even got my dad in on it.

Bullards Bar Jumping from Becky DeMartini on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[ the wedding ]

[ engagement party in NY ]

Cassie and Chris were gracious enough to let Doug and I crash the party they were planning since they were engaged 2 weeks earlier and on the ball already :). So we jumped in with them and combined it.I can't say how lucky I am for having Cassie all my life and I'm so glad Chri s is awesome. It was fun doing it with the whole family there and to see some of the East Coast friends that we never see. And the DeMartini's came out to support us and it was so fun to have them there.

cassie's wearing mom's wedding dress. goregous.

[ and we're engaged ]

One of our good friends, the very talented and patient Mark Lee of Holladay Photo, took our engagement and wedding photos. We couldn't have been more pleased or gotten more compliments on them. Thanks Mark! Go check his blog out for more of our photos and the other cool stuff he's been doing.

[ he proposed ! ! ! ! ! ]