Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poor Baby Tucker

Tucker was really sick last week. How sad for him. And how sad for us. He had a super high fever and was really freaking us out. 103.5 as the highest, but that's high enough as far as I'm concerned. Up all night to make sure he didn't catch fire. After 2 days we headed to Kailua to the Docs office and a rash had just started appearing on his stomach. But I forgot to mention that right off, so after seriously torturing poor Tucker for about an hour, or you would think we were torturing him since it took us 4 people to look in his ears and the people in the next building could hear him for sure. So glad Jake was there with us :) But then we mentioned the rash and she said, "Oh, it's Roseola." High fever for a 2-3 days followed by a rash on the stomach for a day or two. This is what it looks like. By this point he was back to happy and no fever. But it looked bad. It's not supposed to itch or bother him or anything, but how sad looking.


But this was the same day, so you see he wasn't doing too bad. But it was scary looking!


So glad uncle Jake was at the docs with us! What a nightmare to do alone. I saw a friend there with 4 kids by herself and I was just thinking that is insane. I can't even go alone with Tucker! My oh my how things will change I suppose.

Tell me these toes aren't cute. I love how he rubs his toes together while he's eating.