Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hope everyone had a really fun Halloween. We definitely did. We found this bee costume for Tuck at a thrift store in CA and cut off the arms so he wouldn't die of heat, Doug's dad really has some hives that he keeps so we borrowed his bee keeper suit, and Enos and Al helped me make my beehive costume. Then we headed to Moana St. to go trick-or-treating with Tuck. He started out tired before we even left but he ended up having a great time. He was so cute in his costume. He ate lots of candy and got the hang of the whole thing pretty quick. His hands were super sticky from double fisted lollipops. Luckily someone was giving out hotdogs and water (best idea ever!) so it kept us all going. We all had a really great time and it was fun to see everyone in their costumes. Usually I'm not one for dressing up but it was fun this time. And we were so glad that Uncle Al and Jake were able to come.

Before we even started:

yellow jacket and bumble bee

More, more, more:

This creepy zombie kid was following me and making me a bit squirmish truth be told

hightlight of the night, seeing jake getting a real good laugh because al saw a kid drop some candy and instead of giving it back he swiped it real quick and ate it.

tuck and bowen together, so cute. i can't believe how much bowen can talk already.

finishing off at randy's house

And I'm just saying, with 4 adults that love chocolate and candy and only one kid suitably young enough for a trick or treat basket, i think next year we are going to need to bring another kid along with us.

We Love Holli-Aynn Cart

And we are really missing her already but we'll forgive her to moving to California to start a new job. Not going to lie though, it really stinks having her gone.

We had a fun time carving pumpkins before she left. Tuck loved hanging out on the table making a sticky mess.

And this was just funny/classic:

Tucker absolutely loves auntie Holli. He will even cuddle with her. That makes us even more sad that he's losing one of his fav's.

I love how Tucker does the "ewwhhhh" with his mouth in surprised delight.

The final products. Doesn't Enos look great in all the pictures? He mentioned that he did well in all of them multiple times. We had to keep very still because of the low lighting and Tucker kept moving our side around and Doug was up and down doing the camera. As you can see we tried a few times to get it right.

This last one is my favorite. Look at cute little tuck peeking out sucking his thumb. it was very past his bed time, as it has been for the last week or more.

We love you Holli!!