Monday, September 23, 2013

OK, well, it's time to catch up a little. Here are a few from our phones again, around here the last month or so. 
 Sometimes, when Tucker is not taking away every single thing that Davey touches, he shares his cars and teaches Davey how to race.

 Davey still thinks he's a chicken. Sometimes he puts food on the floor that he already has in his hands so he can suck it up like this. Awesome.

 Date night with my wicked bad awesome husband who surprised me and met me all dressed up. And he took me to a girly movie. He is really amazing sometimes. We had such a fun night. So good to get out alone!

 I love this picture of the kids both relaxing and sucking their thumbs with their favorite item, Tuck his blanket and Davey his monkey.

 Sunday walk. Doug is really awesome at getting us out and doing things. The sick kids started crying on the way over to the Heiau, and Tucker was being a real pest, screaming and crying about everything and I was ready to go home and kill him, and Doug persevered and we got there and had a great time. He even talked him into a little walk and even watch the sunset. He's such a good Dad.

 And some more bucket bath. And look at the amazing purple ginger going crazy, and the new awesome bench in our shower :)

 Notice the teeth. And the still squinty left eye!

 Davey boy looking like a cutie.

 tucker and Lola sitting in a tree....

 Doug dropped Tuck off at his friends house and they were just finishing up their lemonade stand. Love it.

 Bucket Bath time!! Pretty much every day, good times.

 Dad made an awesome breakfast and Tuck ate it all up. Since then he's been sick and a super picky eater.

 Tucker acting like a big boy in the front seat with dad. Little stinkers.

 Look at that awesome hair blowing in the breeze!!

 Davey loves his daddy, that's for sure.

Nice to have some family fun. 

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